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A perilous proposal

News Muskogee Phoenix Jun 16, 2016

It might have been a Freudian slip, but the sentiment expressed by a proponent of a state question that would grant state constitutional protections to agricultural practices, procedures and technology portends peril.

An Oklahoma Farm Bureau member drumming up support for State Question 777 said the so-called Right to Farm and Ranch Amendment is needed to shield the industry from new laws and regulations. In doing so she longed for the days before some pesticides were removed from the market after they were proven hazardous to human health and the environment.

'Right to Farm' bill incites opposition

News The Norman Transcript Jun 12, 2016

Animal welfare groups concerned about puppy mills and animal abuse are coming out against State Question 777. Thursday, former Attorney General Drew Edmondson said if SQ 777 is approved, puppy mills could become legal because of Oklahoma’s definition of livestock.

Edmonson visited Norman this week to talk about the proposed amendment to the Oklahoma Constitution. Voters will reject or approve SQ 777 at the general election on Nov. 8. Dubbed the “Right to Farm” bill by supporters, opponents call it the “Right to Harm” bill.

LTE How did SQ 777 originate?

Letters to the Editor Enid News Jun 05, 2016

If State Question 777 passes on Nov. 8, this “Right to Farm and Ranch Amendment” will cement future farm and ranching practices into the Oklahoma Constitution, right up there with free speech and religious liberty.

Once an amendment is added, it’s extremely difficult — if not impossible — to get rid of it.

Former Attorney General Drew Edmondson to speak on "The Harm Amendment"

News The Norman Transcript Jun 02, 2016

Former Attorney General Drew Edmondson will talk about State Question 777, the "Right to Farm" bill which many are calling the "Right to Harm," amendment because it protects corporate farm operations from environmental impact and other laws.

The Democratic Tyner Cornbread and Beans lunch will be held at the West Wind Unitarian Universalist Congregation, 1309 West Boyd in Norman, Friday, June 10. Cafeteria style service will start at 11:30 a.m. with the speaker at noon.

In North Dakota, say no to corporate farming

Letters to the Editor Center for Rural Affairs May 31, 2016

For 100 years, Great Plains states have battled against corporate farming, fighting to keep farming in the hands of family farmers and ranchers. Several states have passed laws to ensure that remained the case. But, recent attacks by corporations and their lobbyists have eliminated most of those laws.

As we face the next 100 years, we need the wisdom of North Dakotans to regain control of our farm and ranch systems. They have a major opportunity to lead the charge on June 14, by voting no on Measure 1 and repealing SB 2351.

Lawsuit to keep 'Right to Farm' off state ballot dismissed

News Tahlequah Daily Press May 30, 2016

Litigation brought by a consortium of plaintiffs to stop State Question 777, or “Right to Farm,” from being put to voters has been dismissed.

The suit was tossed out by Oklahoma County District Judge Patricia Parrish. STIR is among the plaintiffs challenging the constitutionality of SQ 777. Other plaintiffs include State Rep. Jason Dunnington, D-Oklahoma City; local landowner Ed Brocksmith; and farmer John Leonard.

STIR challenge to SQ 777 gets thrown out by judge

News Muskogee Phoenix May 28, 2016

An Oklahoma County judge dismissed a legal challenge to the so-called Right to Farm Act filed by Tahlequah-based clean-water advocacy group, property owners and farmers.

The goal of Save the Illinois River and co-plaintiffs was to keep State Question 777 off the general election ballot in November. Plaintiffs challenged the measure as unconstitutional on its face, outlining four arguments in support of their petition for declaratory ruling and injunction.

Citizens join effort to defeat SQ 777

News Tahlequah Daily Press May 26, 2016

MUSKOGEE – A group of area residents gathered Monday night in Muskogee to voice their opposition to a state question that will alter Oklahoma’s constitution and strip the ability of local governments to regulate corporate agriculture.

Rotary Club speaker says foreign-owned ag interests could benefit from SQ 777

News Red Dirt Report May 17, 2016

OKLAHOMA CITY – Could a $43 billion acquisition of the Swiss seed and pesticide company Syngenta later this year by the Chinese government-owned China National Chemical Corp. (a.k.a. “ChemChina”) potentially have an impact on agricultural practices here in Oklahoma?

Quite possibly, says Brian Ted Jones, director of the education for the Kirkpatrick Foundation, if Oklahoma voters approve State Question 777 this fall.

Opinion: Corporate agribusiness and the right to farm

News The Journal Record May 13, 2016

State Question 777 is a proposed amendment to the Oklahoma Constitution, voted on by the Oklahoma State Legislature to appear on the general election ballot on Nov. 8. But this idea didn’t originate in Oklahoma; it’s part of a national push by corporate farming interests rolling across America. Which is ironic because most of Oklahoma’s largest corporate animal processors are Chinese, Japanese and Brazilian.