LTE SQ 777 not right to farm but right to pollute

Letters to the Editor

Most folks at the Oklahoma Farm Bureau are decent, hard-working people. They’re also quite insane. That’s because they convinced Oklahoma's politicians to put State Question 777, the Right to Farm, on the November ballot.

SQ 777 would allow additional (poultry confined animal feeding operations ) in the same waterway the city of Tulsa gets its drinking water. That would raise taxes on Tulsa residents who have already paid millions to filter and process their drinking water so it is safe and not overly smelly.

It also would allow more large-scale hog farms into the state. Originally, these large-scale hog operations didn’t require a sewage system. A thousand piglets locked up in a tiny space can’t do anything but eat and poop, creating an enormous mess and the smell of death you can easily smell 10 miles away.

What if a hog farm moved into Bixby? Or Coweta? Or Broken Arrow? Property values would drop like a rock. It would be difficult for local businesses to stay open. And nobody could do anything about it unless they managed to get the U.S. Supreme Court to rule in their favor. SQ 777 would make all this legal and almost impossible to change.

The folks at the Oklahoma Farm Bureau are good, well-meaning folks. Still they should not draft demonic legislation the entire state will have to live with for decades.

Don’t vote for the Right to Farm question. Because it isn’t.

Merritt Ford, Tulsa