Event hosted by Oklahomans for Food Farm & Family will dig into SQ


Oklahomans for Food, Farm & Family, a coalition of Oklahomans opposed to State Question 777, is hosting Drinks & Dialogue at 7 p.m. on Thursday, May 12 at the Farmer’s Public Market, 311 S Klein Ave., Oklahoma City.

The event is an opportunity for the public to learn more about the upcoming ballot issue while enjoying offerings from food trucks and beverages from a local Oklahoma City brewery.

“State Question 777 appears simple on its face, but the deeper you dig into the issue, the more reason there is to be concerned,” said Mickey Thompson, the group’s executive director. “We want people to learn more and start thinking about this issue. It isn’t just about our small, local farmers — it’s about giving our rights up to corporate interests.”

Anthem Brewing Co. and food trucks YumPig and The Fried Taco will be serving. The Farmer’s Public Market also offers a full cash bar.

Several speakers will examine different aspects of SQ 777, including Randy Ross, mayor of Choctaw and a member of the Oklahoma Municipal League; Cynthia Archiniaco, a vice president with Kirkpatrick Bank and member of the Oklahoma Stewardship Council; John Leonard, a farmer with the Kirkpatrick Family Farm and member of the Oklahoma Farm & Food Alliance; Sue Ann Arnall of Oklahoma Rising; and Bud Scott with OKFFF and the Conservation Coalition of Oklahoma.

“This state question will affect every Oklahoman in profound ways, whether or not you earn a living from agriculture,” Thompson said. “Our water, natural resources, quality of life and even our rights as citizens are at stake.”