EDITORIALLY SPEAKING: State Question 777 no winner for environment

Letters to the Editor

State Question 777 would do more harm to the environment than help farmers and ranchers and should be defeated by voters in November.

If passed, State Question 777 would prohibit state lawmakers from passing laws that restrict “the right to employ agricultural technology and livestock production without a compelling state interest.”

The proposed constitutional amendment has been dubbed by supporters as the “right to farm” measure. Opponents describe it as the “right to harm” amendment.

Save The Illinois River members are planning to join a proposed lawsuit as plaintiffs.

STIR has done a great deal for the environment and the Illinois River and Lake Tenkiller. Its opposition says volumes.

The proposed amendment restricts the Legislature’s ability to protect the environment.

Oklahoma has deep roots in agriculture. We should be very protective of that.

But we also must be protective of the environment.

State Question 777 leans too heavily to one side and should be defeated while the Legislature comes up with another way to adequately serve two masters.